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Natural grades

Find below our natural products that have been checked in conformity with the natural and organic cosmetic standards:

Apiscalp® - Scalp care

Beautifeye® - Eye contour

Buddleja Stems GX® - Photo-ageing protection

Citystem® - Pollution defence

Majestem® - Face and neck lifting

Měiritage® - Skin uniformity and radiance

NG Birch sap - Moisturising

NG Darutoside - Anti-stretch marks

NG Echinacea Stems - Anti-darck circles

NG Evermat® - Mattifying

NG Gardenia Stems - Collagen booster

NG Kombuchka® - Radiant complexion

NG Shea butter - Calming / Protecting

NG Shea butter unsaponifiable - Repairing / Nourishing

Pacifeel® - Sensitive skin

Prodizia® - Anti-fatigue

Rubistem® - Anti-rosacea

Sebuless® - Purifying seboregulator

Senestem® - Anti-senescence

Click here to download the brochure of Sederma's products in compliance with the Ecocert and/or Cosmos standards.

For more information about our natural grades, please contact us.