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Venuceane IR ageing

Venuceane™ was among the top 4 finalists of the C&T 2014 R&D Awards program in the Best New Ingredient category

After new studies carried out in 2013 on Venuceane™, Sederma’s anti-ageing active offering protection against Ultraviolet (UV) damage, has proven to be highly efficient against IR-Ageing.

Representing more than half of the rays emitted by the sun, our skin is exposed daily to infrared radiation (IR). Long considered to be harmless, infrared rays have now been identified as a major contributor to photo-damage.

Both UV and IR induce skin damage but in different ways, therefore, an efficient IR protection requires specialised strategies that Venuceane™ has successfully demonstrated. Indeed, by an adaptive response to heat increase (specific to IR radiation) and the counteraction of IR-induced ROS production, Venuceane™:

  • Improves hydration via the protection of the mitochondrial integrity known to be particularly damaged by IR radiation (ATP synthesis and mitochondrial water content increased by 123%)
  • Lessens the inflammatory conditions (PGE2: -54%, IL-6: -53%, IL-8: -61%, vs IR-irradiated control)
  • Prevents the denaturation of matrix macromolecules in order to limit wrinkle formation (Collagen I: +70%, Fibrillin-I: +28% vs IR-irradiated control)

Clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effects of Venuceane™ as being an anti-ageing active that meets expectations for a new generation of photo-protection based on UV and IR protection. It seems to be, by far, the most complete active ingredient to effectively fight against photo-ageing. Derived by biotechnology, Venuceane™, is a ferment that is rich in multifunctional and stable enzymes.

In addition, it also complies with Chinese regulations for cosmetics ingredients.

By giving a Red card for InfraRed, Venuceane™ fights IR-Ageing

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